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Supporting Mom’s

Love the Mom! “Motherhood – the hardest job you’ll ever love” ~ I don’t know who said this, or even if I got the quote exactly right,  it might actually be a quote about the marines, but I know that I love this version.  From the very first moment of pregnancy you begin a journey […]

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Share your health journey!

Share the Journey Getting fit is a lifetime choice, you can’t be healthy once in a while, you have to commit to being the best you can be all the time. Having good support will make it easier. So, round up a few Fearless Friends to help you when you’re having a doughnut day – […]

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Portion Control Tips

Portions! Portions! Portions! So you’ve committed to trying to drop some weight, get in shape and be a healthier version of you. Great! Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix is an easy way to help you achieve that goal. In our super-sized world where portions in restaurants are enough to feed small countries and nothing comes in […]

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Motivation and Support for a healthier you!

Fearless Friends – Unite! Here comes warm weather –  It’s time to shake off the winter blah’s and get moving. To help you stay motivated and on the healthy living track, look for a few Fearless Friends to join you! Everyone knows that having a good support structure will make you stronger and help you […]

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